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by Jinnouchi Power

Harakiri 04:44
She climbed across the table, but not towards me. But to the void with no flaws, a void with no qualities. And I’m sorry for boring you to death. Thank you for being my muse. I still don’t know what you’re going through, And I never will. I just wanted to harbor your crazy, cause your crazy’s your finest part. And I suggest a harakiri, But we both know how that turns out. And hopefully this wandering Taoist can stop letting everyone down.
Motion Blue 04:46
Motion blue don’t know what to do. Begin our lives anew? I think we have something here. …a child born through you. Our future is bright and shining when I wake up in the morning. Our dreams miscarried me. Inari must have been busy. But I will stay with you dear. Our home is the moon.
Wedding Song 04:25
I wear my heart on my sleeve, Oh, what a fool am I. Now I roam the streets at night like a cynical werewolf. Let these two halves come together. They’ve been apart for some time. If a marriage can’t save them now, Well then I don’t know what will. Let’s stop acting like we’re six years old. We are the same. When I meet the love of my life, I hope it’s also his. If not we’ll fight over this heart and rip it from our chest. Somebody please listen to me. I’m very displeased with myself, And I need someone to hear it from my mouth, “I’m unhealthy.” Let’s try and take care of ourselves. We are insane.
The Wind 05:08
Why does the wind blow, when it’s already cold outside? It means to get where it’s going, despite how hard I try To walk past that window where we first locked minds. The trimming on the Christmas tree couldn’t be more oblivious to me Every time I walk by the hardware store I look to see if you’re working. But I already know you’re gone. It was only temporary. Could’ve sworn I heard you sigh, but my soul was fixed upon The first snow reflected in the whites of your eyes. …The cloudiness of your mind, at least I hoped it was. But I still think of you to make the best of the worst times. I think maybe the wind’s at fault for blowing me in that direction. Maybe the friend I was with could’ve picked a different destination, Cause now I’m all wrought with pain from seeing that shining smile on your face. Maybe it was never meant to be. We were never supposed to meet.
Kung Fu 05:34
I will touch you like a breeze. Touch is clouds And with a gentle flow, ease your pacing heart. I can show you the way. It’s not your technique, it’s you. Let’s keep on practicing. It’s critical to mastery. I love kung fu, I love kung fu, I love kung fu so goddamn much. And I love your body, I love your body, I love your body so goddamn much. If you should leave first And my attempts to bring you back fail, I’ll find peace in the blessing that human beings can forget. Would you finally believe If I let you pierce my heart, And fell with no regret on the land from which I was raised? Be like water, be like water, be like water, Transfer. Be like water, be like water, be like water, Just stay here. I see myself in your eyes, and my home in your hands. We will return. The curve of your hips when drawn Shows my future, It spells out my fate. And we stand unlocked, but the door remains shut. It sucks. We both realize the impossible passenger is just a figment of our imagination and fears. When we open up, it won’t matter what town or city We drop With the fragility of these origami sails, we fly.
Temple 04:38
You dream stars in your head Soon we’ll see if it’ll float. And I think it holds water, but what do I know? I’m just a kid. And I hope that they can’t see, That it’s all falling apart. The people are watching, And I’m doing the best that I can. So why are you so upset? It didn’t happen to you. Oh, I’ll be the sinner. Oh, I’ll be the saint. And I’ll hold this temple down. No god tells me how to pray. Good God, leave me to my vices. Teach me to be virtuous. Lead by the heart. He’s (she’s) the one who can’t keep his hands steady. Mine are always dirty.
Kale & Eggs 05:09
If I hung my hat on a mountaintop And waited for you to steep in your grave, You’d pay your debts to father time, And climb up to me and crawl in my bed. And when you expose your body to a crowd, And pay the price of art with your own skin, Those shifting eyes will generalize. Your self-expression will be marginalized. And just how far do you think you can run? I won’t say much, I guess ‘cause you’re young. But it’s not too late, though your web has been spun. I’ll forgive you now and again when it’s done. I know you love me, So why don’t you reach out? I know you’re stuck in your own mind. So am I I’ve come back home. I’ve come here to stay. Just a cat with thumbs with which I do lay. The doorframes are bruised and the kitchen is warm With two eggs and kale on our plates every morning. I’m exhausted and high and surrounded by friends. They fill me with spirits and we hum each other’s tunes. And when I play out I sing about you, And stare at the moon like you told me to. And you passed through my life just like a dream. Assimilated through want and held back by change. A baby will be born A baby will come But just like you and I, the timing’s all wrong. But I can’t stand this life Of unfulfilled promises. The most that you could do was nothing at all. You took it all.
Stifling stench of jealousy Kept my sober mind stuck like tongues And for a moment I couldn’t see how monumental your life’s work was. I couldn’t see it. When I noticed a shift We were already a museum of unspoken words. Unrequited love yawned out beneath me And I snuffed it out Because I wanted to be strong. I always knew I’d fall for an astronaut, But this love has come a long way from physics. I always thought I could be your sightless physicist. I was drunk on myself when I said those things I said. When you enter the room, Everything goes out the window. Let go of your promises. Her hold is declaring its permanence.
A dark cloud above my head caused by an anxious dread A feeling of being upset and alone lead me to this place. Muscles, synapses, and illegal sex scenes were the setting for a quiet rich with things Left unsaid You would run away and in your absence As I stand in a maze of heads A relentless conceptual nightmare I will become the void you seek. I will be your other. She takes me one day, but not the other, my love of lack of life.
Messenger 11:21
Your wounds are open You allow me to look in And bleed me bone-dry with a head full of flowers Perpetuate my existence A scarred body pulls me in But she’s not a vampire if she can stand my light Says she won’t love me So I learn to be patient And I fell off the edge of the earth in an attempt to try and love myself And I paid the ultimate price when I severed my beating heart I think you might be an angel. And I truly believe that you are a messenger, Sent to me to teach me about your body. And I allow you to step over this body In hopes that we could learn to separate from our sicknesses Thankfully, we have each other’s bodies Ballet dreams die young We dance in the bedroom And if I can’t make you feel like I’m the man you deserve, you know I will Lay down on the mirror Watch ourselves fall deeper And you scream out my name as I discover how you’re defined You pulled out my framework And displayed it before me And I never thought that I could learn so much with just my skin to bear And you lead me to the door where our tongues begin to twist I think you might be a lioness. And I truly believe that you could swallow my spirit And knowingly relinquish me from this body We have no time to waste not being blissful. If we ever want to save ourselves, Let me sink into your soul and realize we’re more than just our bodies Is it love? I definitely think it’s love.


released December 9, 2022

On Kaleidokoi, Jinnouchi Power is:
Patrick MacCready – Vocals, guitars, and omnichord
Carolyn Thorn – Vocals and keyboard
Forest Cochran – Bass guitar and vocals
Sean Bremhorst – Electric guitar
Tommy Boynton – Drums and percussion

Hudson Webber – Cello on “Kale and Eggs”
Hannah Wright – Violin on “Kale and Eggs”
Eric Krieger – Double bass on “Kale and Eggs”
Scott Cochran – Bass guitar on “Museum of Unspoken Words, Pt. II”
Kyle Morgan – Saxophone on “Get in the Van”
Jordan Mayland – Organ on “Get in the Van”

All songs written by Patrick MacCready, arranged by Jinnouchi Power
Except “Motion Blue,” written by Patrick MacCready and Sean Bremhorst
and “Kale and Eggs,” arranged by Hudson Webber and Patrick MacCready

Recorded and co-produced by Phil Young at Wabi Sound Studio, The Establishment Recording, and Sonic Factory in Des Moines, IA

Mixed and mastered by Nicholas Frampton in Texas.


all rights reserved



Jinnouchi Power Des Moines, Iowa

Dad Power-Pop with a little bit of Mom Rock up in it.

Soft acoustic guitars for the kiddos.

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