III. The Distance

by Jinnouchi Power

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"The Distance" is a DIY album that was started early in 2014 to be the last installment of this musical trilogy, a 3 LP chronicling of Patrick MacCready's journey as a musical artist ("The Garden of Experience" and "1973 Ford Pinto"). With its beginning planted on home recordings in the basements of sisters and mothers, and ending finally with a full 5-peice psychedelic rock family, the dream of cultivating a collective aspiration instead of fighting against it all alone was finally realized.

The first 4 tracks of this album were recorded in Illinois, on a farm, 30 miles South of the Quad Cities. Tracks 5,6, and 7 were recorded in various living rooms and bedrooms over the course of a year and a half while playing gigs in the greater Des Moines area, Ames, and Iowa City. All songs written by Patrick MacCready, recorded and mixed by P. Reed Iverson, Forest Cochran, and Patrick MacCready. A trifecta of ears.

This incarnation will now be put to rest as P. Reed Iverson begins a new life on the West coast living as a monk. Patrick MacCready will adopt more members after some time spent traveling. Time traveling.


Patrick MacCready
Forest Cochran
P. Reed Iverson
Carolyn Thorn
Sean Bremhorst


released March 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Jinnouchi Power Des Moines, Iowa

Jinnouchi Power is the musical interpretation of Patrick MacCready's soul. The spectrum of sound travels from Folk to Blues, Rock and Psychedelic. ♥

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Track Name: A. Wonderful Wonder
Growing up just dealing with your insanity
It's just another example of our duality
It's a great experience when I see and old acquaintance
And they've accomplished so much
In a short time
Track Name: A. Morning After
In the morning I awoke to you lying next to me
You thought that I had left, but I just got up to drink
I had you kind of worried there for a second
The next day I called you up to see how you were
But there was no reply no one answered the front door
But I'm not worried, I'm not worried yet

Could I be a joy to you, could you love me, and will you?
Or am I some kind of toy to you as you play with me?
Do you think that I don't think that you think that I'm a fool?

I've been branded by your love but I think that it might be a lie
When I reminisce on the events that took place that fateful night
Sometimes tears of joy, and other times regrettable thoughts
One day I'm sure I'll forgive you, but it'll take some time
A damaged heart can't regenerate just overnight
It may seem inconsequential till you look in his eyes
It's only a disguise
He had those pretty blue eyes
Then you watched him die

(some time later)

Found a woman I can make my bride
She never tells a lie
And goddamn she's got me tongue tied
Can't remember the last time you said something nice
But I think it was December of 2005

Could I be a joy to you, could you love me, and will you?
Or am I some kind of toy to you as you play with me?
Do you think that I don't think that you think that I'm a fool?
I think that you're the fool.
Track Name: A. Jenny
Oh Jenny
I just met you tonight
Oh Jenny
You seem to be alright
I would ask you for your number
But that wouldn't be right
So I won't tell you my name
That way it'll be fair

Oh Jenny
Won't you be my candle light?
To light up the darkness of my bedroom
And would you swoon?
At the thought of getting to know me tomorrow
Or be able to say, "That boy is mine"
Is it wrong for me want these things to happen?
Or is it right, to be with you tonight?

Oh Jenny why don't you come with me tonight
Oh Jenny it's not wrong to take a chance
Oh my darling

You got in your car and you drove away
All of your friends ignored your feelings
You never saw me again
Oh my darling, Jenny

What if you heard my song on the radio?
You didn't know it was me
But you felt my energy
Could I get you to sing along?
I know you wanted to
But then maybe you lied
Perhaps you thought I was cute

Close your eyes
Open your heart
Keep an open mind
For the good old boys
Track Name: A. Adjust Your Tracking
Get off the floor you silly drunk, my best friend
Hate to see you drowning your aura, and slowly killing yourself
But listen to me now, I'm not sure how to say this
But the color of your light was blue, but now it's a deep red

You know I love you

You called me from a hotel room, you got some Blue Moons
But that's alright, I would've joined you with a bottle of wine
It's just sometimes I worry, you know I can't look after you
But you're a big boy, you'll face the consequences of your actions soon
Just keep in mind the worlds much more grand than you and I

(nylon string solo)

You know I love you

(Stylophone solo)

When I was a kid, I would think about my soul
How I became, where I'm from, used to scare me to death
We have a connection you and I, a tangible link
It's "Party Time"
Track Name: B. Be Calm
I'm retired from responsibility
I can't balance a checkbook
I won't pick up my phone
I need not to be alone
But I hadn't known
Till after I met you
Your visions of the past
When I rest at night
I can't fall asleep
I can't even dream
I don't remember my dreams
But I can't be afraid
Someone depends on me
I've got to reach into my notebook
And summon a reprieve

Be calm my dear
It's the only way to help you
Save your mind
Be calm with me
Let's at least be one together
And bathe in cosmic color
Be calm my dear
Don't know when the end is coming
But we'll know it when it's here
Be cam with me
Let's pretend we're versions of ourselves
In dimentions where we made it

I'll be right here, I'll be right here
I can't be alone, I don't want to be alone
I think I'd die if I was alone
Track Name: B. We Are Godz!
I wanna be a ghost in your apartment
Close to you and sustained by your energy
Haunting your dark rooms
And turning the light back on
I want to be the chaos no one sees
I want to be the feeling of unease
I want to be a good ghost

Dancing eyes have bared a terrible sight
Which makes them the same as mine
So if you have to make a choice
Choose the hard one, I'll help you

We are Gods
We can move mountains
But that doesn't mean we can solve all our problems
We have to work together now

I wanna be the black thing behind your heart
But not in the scene where it might tear you apart
The self doubt of being a struggling human being
It's all just working for the company
And I will come to you if you come to me
And I will feed you when you're hungry
It's nice to meet another human body
Who loves Hayao Miyazaki

Don't count me out yet
I'm coming around the back
Don't beg for things
Do it yourself
Or else you won't get anything

I want to marry my best friend
I want to bury my best friend
Track Name: B. Julie
Julie, you sing so softly
When we're alone, I listen to your record repeatedly
You emulate the sound of souls searching
Escaping the ether to ease into an Earthly home, and I'm like

Julie, I wish I could play like you
You've got a way with my emotions
Your "Room With Walls and Windows" warms me
It colors my chords and turns into a keepsake, and I'm like
Track Name: B. Terrible Terror